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Modern Impact Collective

Empower. Amplify. Influence.



Modern Impact Collective is a catalysts for social change by engaging the next generation of Changemakers to leave their mark.




We unleash the potential of young Changemaker's contributions towards social change.


Involving children in decision-making, provide access to information and resources, increase funding, provide mentorship and guidance, build networks, invest in skills development, and create opportunities for youth participation.



Modern Impact Collective ensures that collaboration is youth-centered with young Changemakers as the main actors, not just beneficiaries. This is a supportive environment created for young people to fully participate and contribute. Here, no voice is silenced.


Empowerment is a process of coming to or finding one’s voice. We empower children to find their voice through tailored empowerment processes that focus on individual and group empowerment. Our services focus on connecting children to their voice, creating resilience and adapting to changing situations. The process of coming to finding one's voice is our Empowerment Pathway.


Modern Impact Collective is a partner on the journey to amplifying  children's voices and social impact. Through our Empowerment Pathway and Collective Amplification program, we help children discover, pursue, and measure success in their the specific areas they want to use their voice for change. These Voice Impact Areas will allow children to experience what it's like to make a meaningful addition to the movement for social change.


We help the young changemakers unlock their true potential and exert their influence in the world. We guide our changemakers in areas of  advocacy, public policy creation, and research and analysis. This knowledge is instrumental  to influence social change and  create impact in their communities.


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